Sundgau Sud Alsace, Routes de la Carpe Frite

What is fried carp ?

Fried carp is THE typical culinary specialty of Sundgau, a small region in southern Alsace.
It is not a carp and chips - unless you want that ! - the carp is fried. You can choose fillets or steaks, with or without bones, and savour it after the chef has fried it in corn meal, poppyseed or sesame, depending on his particular recipe. Fried carp also has a remarkable taste, and if you haven’t tasted it yet, you shouldn’t hesitate !

The Restaurants

There are almost thirty along the Fried Carp Route where you can discover their various carp dishes!
This will guarantee your culinary pleasure.

From Illfurth to Lucelle and from Montreux-Jeune to Rosenau, wherever you are in the Sundgau area, there will always be a restaurant belonging to the Fried Carp Route where you can enjoy this tasty fish.                                                              



The Sundgau area hosts small events throughout the year along with regular big events ...

and the main event in spring is called the “Carpailles” !

Like the “Cochonnailles’’ (pork-related) events, you are invited to enjoy carp in all its forms (sushi, meatballs, even popcorn !) from 16th March to 30th March 2018.


Discover a world of delicious aromas, friendliness and good food. Be curious, visit our Fried Carp roads.

Let yourself go, make some new discoveries in gastronomy. As you travel our country roads, restaurant owners will be happy to share the delights of their profession and their region with you. Taste a fish you’ve never tried before or try it again prepared in their special way: Fried Carp.